Most Pathetic Anti-Communist Arguments

1'œ(Insert Leader or Country here) killed up to (enter preposterous number here) of their own people.'œ

2'œIt goes against human nature.'œ

3'œCommunism works well in theory, but fails in practice.'œ

4'œCommunism is godless so therefore, it is bad.'œ

5'œCommunism is for the lazy.'œ

6'œThe Soviet Union was Communist.'œ

7'œCommunism takes everything you have.'œ

8'œStalin was worse than Hitler.'œ

9"Donald Trump is a communist"

10'œRace mixing is Communism.'œ

11'œDoctors would be paid the same as janitors!'œ

12"Communism denies freedom"

13"It'™s evil"


15"With communism everyone owns your car"


17"Stalin killed 600,000 Polish Jews"