Top 10 Most Annoying Things Dads Do

1Listen to bad music


3Yell when they get angry

4Argue with mom

5Go crazy when you hang out with guys

6Obsess over sports

7Be loud


9Treat you like a maid

10Not display compassion

11Mimic you when you whine

12Eat all of your food

13Walk around in only their underwear

14Act as if they're always right

15Force you to eat food you don't want

16Fart in public

17Spy on your computer

18Talk over the radio


20Have total domination over the TV

21Throw tantrums when they get mad

22Complain about your life too much

23Harass you

24Not put the toilet seat down after they use the toilet

25Emit body odor

26Do stuff the "old-fashioned" way

27Dance in public

28Make bad jokes

29Blast the volume

30Disown you for dumb reasons


32Not dry their hands after washing them

33Touch your stuff

34Force you to be too nice

35Take you fishing