Worst Things About Going Back to School

1Summer vacation is over



3The realisation you have to do mathematics again

4It's still summer

5Seeing the back to school commercials

Seeing the back to school commercials

6You're surrounded by idiots

7Your teachers

8"Let's Introduce Ourselves"

9You realize you have 10 months of excruciating pain ahead of you

10Can't sleep

11No more play time

12It's too crowded

13Your friends

14Waking up to the fact that school is back in session.

15No Internet

16It's very boring

17You don't work and can't learn anything yet

18You know you'll see people you hate again

19Getting in trouble

20The first 2 month always take forever to end

21Everyone remembers what you did last year

22It still feels like school is out

23You feel dumb



25Supply and clothes shopping

26Vine addicts

27Some teachers can't take a joke

28You're the only one who hasn't grown

29Unfulfilled expectations

30Everything reminds you of summer

31You want to destroy the alarm clock at home.