Top Ten Hardest Things About Winter Holidays

1Making a Christmas Wish List

Making a Christmas Wish List

2Socializing with Family

Socializing with Family

3Other People's Breaks Don't Line Up with Yours

4Family Members Sleeping in Your Room

Family Members Sleeping in Your Room

5Holiday Spirit is Easily Ruined

6Giving Other People Gifts

Giving Other People Gifts

7Gift Giving for School



9The Same Music

10Costs So Much

Costs So Much



12It's Stressful When People Visit

13Teachers Who Assign Homework During the Break

Teachers Who Assign Homework During the Break

14Decorating is a Chore

Decorating is a Chore

15People Who Don't Live in Countries with Thanksgiving Don't Understand It

16Americans Think Boxing Day Means Boxing

17Falling Asleep on Christmas Eve

18Weight Gain

19Americans Not Realising that Most of the World Doesn't Have a Thanksgiving

20Bonfire Night is Annoying

21Wrapping Presents

22Older Teenage Siblings Telling Younger Siblings Santa is Not Real

23Christmas Birthdays

24Hanukkah is Overshadowed by Christmas