Top Ten Worst Things About Troom Troom

1Their pranks aren't even good

2Their pranks are dangerous

3They're indirectly telling us that we should humiliate ourselves by doing their hacks

4Most of their vids are either about sneaking things into class, prank ideas, or making edible phone cases

5None of the hacks are exactly useful

6The narrator's voice

7They created the 'Spongewich'

8Mickey and Sweetie

9The acting is terrible

10They set a very bad example for their younger viewers

11They're sexist against men

12Their hacks teach kids how to sneak food into class

13The teacher is stupid

14Their diys are pointless

15Their make up idea vids

16Their thumbnails

17The name

18Their pranks are so ridiculous

19They look like a low budget Russian YouTube channel with horrible acting

20It'™s just weird

21They reuse clips

22The blue-eyed girl

23Their hacks are dangerous

24It'™s borderline insulting

25'œpranks' are super dangerous

26They have pointless crap

27Their videos don't make sense

Their videos don