Top Ten Worst Things About Traveling On a Airplane

1Landing Ear Pains

2Limited Leg Room

3Crying Babies

Crying Babies

4Same Old Safety Demonstration

5Those "Boop" Sounds

6Getting Up to Let Someone Get to the Toilet

7In Flight Meals

In Flight Meals

8Aisle Armrests

9Going Through Security at the Airport

10Non Reclining Seats

11Kids Kicking Seats

Kids Kicking Seats

12Tickets are So Expensive

Tickets are So Expensive

13It Takes Forever to Get to Your Destination

It Takes Forever to Get to Your Destination

14Rude Cabin Crew

15Fear of Crashing


17TVs Sometimes Don't Work

18Luggage Regulations

19Airports Moving Your Flight Unexpectedly

20Can't Sleep

21Time Changes

Time Changes

22Dirty Bathrooms

23People Wanting to Change Seats