Top Ten Worst Things About Being the Middle Child

1The lack of attention from your parents

The lack of attention from your parents

2You can never win a sibling fight


4Constantly sharing a room

Constantly sharing a room

5Being the scapegoat

6Picking sides during fights

7Deficiency of kudos

8You get punished more than your siblings

9Teachers comparing you to your older sibling

Teachers comparing you to your older sibling

10The peace bringer

11You have to do more work than your siblings

12Parents think you're the black sheep

13You get treated like dirt

You get treated like dirt

14Middle child = middle seat

15Your parents have higher expectations for you

16Your siblings stand together against you

17Attention is low

18Being "too young" or "too old" for what your siblings do

19No one notices when you do something good

20When parents love the older child because they were there first child and adore the younger one because they are the baby in the family then you are in the middle

21Being left out

22When someone compares you to your older sibling "You should be more like him/her" or "Your brother/sister is such a great role model"

23Always getting yelled at for being mean to your younger sibling even if it's the smallest thing

24Never getting "Hi" or "Hello" from relatives

25Never getting seconds because there is enough for everyone but you

26You always have to get involved

27Always having to do everything for everyone

28Having to share everything you have

29Always getting compared to your siblings

30Having to live the terrors of youngest and oldest life

31Having problems that are always either forgotten or upstaged by another's