Top Ten Worst Things About Being Sick

1Feeling Crappy

Feeling Crappy

2Missing Appointments

3Being Gross

4Having to Work While You'™re Sick

Having to Work While You

5Being So Sick That You Can't [Blank]

6Having to Just Wait Through it

Having to Just Wait Through it

7Missing Work

8Not Being Able to Sleep

Not Being Able to Sleep

9Friendly Sick Advice



11Going to the Doctor

Going to the Doctor

12The Pain

The Pain

13Missing School

Missing School

14Stuffy Noses

15Happens at the Worst Times

16You Can Die

You Can Die

17Sore Throat

Sore Throat

18You Can't Smell or Taste Anything

You Can


20Endless Coughing and Phlegm

21You Feel Like You're Gonna Die

22Can't Eat Your Favorite Foods

23It Ruins Your Day or Plans

24Nobody Believes You

25Runny Nose


27You Sleep All Day

You Sleep All Day

28You Have No Strength

29Medicine for Food Poisoning is Disgusting



31Having to Take Uncomfortable Medicine

32Cold Chills

Cold Chills

33When You Have a Sore Throat, but You Aren't Sick Enough to Stay Home from School

When You Have a Sore Throat, but You Aren

34Taking Medicine

Taking Medicine

35You Could End Up in Hospital