Top Ten Worst Things About Baby Boomers

1The richest of boomers have ruined the economy

2They think that millennials should be as successful as they are

3They are incessantly stubborn to work with

4They are responsible for creating the millennial attitude

5They push their children into debt

6Their "when I was your age" or "back in my day" mentality

7The vast majority of boomers are racist, sexist, or homophobic

8They screwed over an entire generation in politics

9They leave the younger generations to fix problems they caused

10They want younger generations to babysit them

11They will soon die

12They treat millennials like they are ten years old

13They'™re entitled

14They are ruining Social Security

15They are arrogant

16They expect millennials to go to work every day

17They called Ok Boomer an ageism slur

18They are senile

19They blame video games for violence

20They are ruining the environment

21They are smartasses

22They spank their kids

23They have no empathy

24They call Gen Z a Millennial

25They can't accept their age

26They vote for old people who are like themselves

27They expect millennials to have a job