Top Ten Ways to Annoy a Conservative

1Play the Rainbow Road Level in Mario Kart

Play the Rainbow Road Level in Mario Kart

2Teach Them 7th Grade Biology

3Ask If They Think the Earth is Flat

4Tell Them that They Lost the Civil War

5Say that Ronald Reagan Was Liberal

6Diss Fox News

Diss Fox News

7Play "Highway to Hell" Really Loud on a Radio

8Read the First Amendment to Them

9Tell Them that They'd Look Good in a Hijab

10Kiss Someone of the Same Sex in Front of Them

11Start a Religious Flame War

12Give Money to the Poor

13Have a Threesome

14Become an Atheist

Become an Atheist

15Read Them the God Delusion

16Tell Them the Truth

17Run Around Naked

18Enroll Them in a College Critical Thinking Class

19Force Them to Watch Gory Horror Movies

20Tell Them that Homosexuals are Nice People

21Be Gay

22Talk About Gun Control

23Say You Don't Like Trump

24Wear an Antichrist Superstar T-Shirt

25Be a Feminist

26Tell Them that God Listens to Rock and Roll

27Give Away Free South Park Stickers

28Wear a Slayer Hat

29Tell Dirty Jokes

30Dress Gothic

31Wear a Cross of St. Peter

32Spray Paint the Heartagram on a Brick Wall

33Convert to Laveyan Satanism

34Tell Them to Play Pokemon

35Make Them Watch Family Guy