Top Ten Things People Should Stop Doing in School


2Drinking and doing drugs

3Sexually harassing others

4Getting into fights

5Sticking chewed gum under desks, chairs, benches

6Borrowing items and never returning them

7Cutting lunch lines

8Having sex

9Bothering other students

10Copying off of others

11Using stupid slang

12Drawing while the teacher is talking

13Starting drama

14Being hurtful gossips


16Imitating gangsters

17Making racist comments

18Acting like jerks for no reason



21Blocking the lockers

22Getting angry for stupid reasons

23Peeing on the toilet

24Drawing inappropriate pictures in books

25Trying to be funny

26Trying too hard to get all the girls

27Making offensive jokes

28Excluding people

29Making threats



32Slacking off

33Raging over another pupil being lazy

34Being nosy

35Drawing on desks