Top Ten Struggles Most LGBT People Have

1Coming out in the right time

2Being shipped with a man/woman

3Not getting caught

4Being tied to the rainbow

5Dealing with stereotypes

6Dealing with homophobia

7Living in areas where being LGBT is illegal

8Being categorized based on gender norms

9Tolerating insults

10Having people dismiss the concept of bisexuality 

11People assume you are female or male

12Being fetishized

13Being called edgy and fake

14Being told it is a "phase"

15Dealing with transphobia

16Dealing with enbyphobia

17Being only seen as LGBT

18Being called pedophiles and groomers

19Being told it is a "choice"

20Being told it is a "sin"

21Being labeled as a social justice warrior or woke

22Being told it is "brainwashing"

23Dealing with biphobia

24Dealing with panphobia

25Being told you don't have a father figure

26Dealing with acephobia

27Being discriminated against

28Being misgendered and deadnamed

29Being stereotyped

30Being called "confused"