Top Ten Things Everyone Should Do In Their Childhood

1Go Camping

2Ride a Rollercoaster

3Go to the Beach

4Play a Musical Instrument

5Learn How to Ride a Bike

6Watch a Disney Movie

7Go on Vacation

8Go to a Theme Park

Go to a Theme Park

9Get Yelled at by Mean Teachers

10Go Swimming

11Play Video Games

12Win an Award at School

13Run a 5k

14Ride Coin Operated Kiddie Rides

15Go to a Water Park

16Go to Summer Camp

17Went to the library for storytime

18Ride a Carousel

19Ride a Log Flume

20Draw with Sidewalk Chalk

21Play in the Garden

22Drink Milk

23Eat Candy

24Draw Pictures

25Go to School

26Play in the Yard