Top Ten Reasons Why Physics is the Best Field of Science

1It explains everything that exists

2There is a lot more in physics than there is in anything else

3It is responsible for most of what we know and experience

4It gave birth to the other sciences

5It explains the entire universe comprehensively with equations that can be understood without direct experimentation or observation.

6It is the most mathematical of the three

7It is extremely interesting

8It offers creativity and logic at the same time.

9It sparks a lot of important unanswered questions

10It is simultaneously the simplest and most complex of all the sciences

11A lot of physics includes concepts that would be thought impossible

12Physics makes you and your mind more advanced

13You ask a question, and then another question pops into your head

14It can be used for everyday necessities

15It's simply beautiful.

16It takes us to various extremes

17It has lots of new stuff to be learnt

18It's for everyone

19You never know what you could find

20It helps you to think in different perspectives