Top Ten Reasons to Not Be Religious

1Religious beliefs hold back education and science

2Christianity caused the dark ages

3Religions are another series of groups which evoke genocide

4The stories about the religions are far-fetched and false

5You have to pray

6Most Christian groups practice and promote the hatred of homosexuals

7Scientific arguments are unlike religious arguments, in that they are based on evidence and peer reviewed support

8Most people use religion as an excuse to do whatever they want

9Most religious people are not open-minded to other people's beliefs

10Nobody knows who "God" actually is

11Religion has led to most extremist groups

12Religious abuse

13Religion hurts people sometimes

14If there is the "right" religion, no other religions would exist

15Science is disproving religion more and more

16Most religious people have been paranoid that the Devil will take control of their lives

17Most religious people have wasted their lives by rushing into getting into Heaven

18Most people have taken religion to the extreme

19Religion brainwashes you permanently

20People kill over it

21Your parents and you have different views on them

22Religion has been harmful to most individuals

23Religion is cowardly

24The rules for religion are contradictory

25People select only the rules they want to follow

26Religion is Man-Made

27People argue over it

28Sad people commit suicide because they want to go to heaven, which is not real

29You have to worry about Satan

30No proof