Top Ten Reasons that Donald Trump Could Be the Worst President in History

1Healthcare Prices are Predicted to Rise

2He is Projected to Add Around 5 Trillion Dollars to the National Debt

3He Would Risk a Trade War

4He is Comfortable with Russia

5He Wants to Build a Wall

6He Has Little Respect for Women

7His Personality is Bad

8He Wants More Nuclear Weapons

9He Has No Political Experience

10He Acts Like a Child

11He is Removing Laws that Protect Animals

12He Incited His Supporters to Storm the US Capitol

13He Hates Immigrants

14He is Trying to Ruin Social Security

15He Keeps Downplaying the Coronavirus

16He's Racist

17He Separated Migrant Children from Their Families and Put Them in Cages

18He Called Fallen War Veterans Losers and Suckers

19He's Refusing to Admit Defeat

20He is Friends with Two Evil Dictators: Kim Jong-Un and Lee Hsien Loong

21He Tried to Get Rid of Daca

22He Refuses to Accept the Election Results

23He is Ignoring Climate Change