Top 10 Worst Things About the "Holiday Season"

1People who jump right into Christmas the second Halloween ends

2Awkward family time

Awkward family time

3It'™s become so commercialized

4Christmas music is irritating

Christmas music is irritating

5Shopping is a nightmare

Shopping is a nightmare

6Getting stuff you really don't want.

Getting stuff you really don

7Overrated Christmas movies

Overrated Christmas movies

8The dreaded Christmas picture

The dreaded Christmas picture

9Being dragged along to see Christmas lights

Being dragged along to see Christmas lights

10The chaos of travel

The chaos of travel

11When it'™s all over and you want to relax, but now you have to take everything down

When it

12Dealing with all the bad and loud kids.

Dealing with all the bad and loud kids.

13Getting stuff you already have

14Only Christmas is widely acknowledged

15Knowing New Year's is only one week away

Knowing New Year

16Decorating is a pain

Decorating is a pain

17People fighting about everything

18Everything is expensive

Everything is expensive

19You can't enjoy Christmas festivities as much because of finals at school or work

You can

20Ungrateful kids

Ungrateful kids

21Everybody trying to give you you eggnog knowing you don't like it.

22When you get clothes that are too big or too small and don't get a receipt

23Matching outfits

Matching outfits

24You have to watch bad Christmas movies

25Too many Christmas movies

Too many Christmas movies

26Fighting for new toys