Top 10 Worst Kinds of Girls at School

1Girls who are bitchy and popular

2Girls who try to make you feel bad about yourself

3Girls who have the latest things and brag about it

4Girls who try to copy your work

5Girls who bully

6Girls who try to bug you

7Girls who cause trouble

8Girls who act all innocent when they do something bad

9Girls who show their cleavage

10Girls who cause drama

11Girls who act so perfect in front of the teachers

12Girls who lie

13Girls who think they are pretty

14Girls who wear nothing but long skirts

15Girls who don't wear underwear with skirts

16Girls who dress slutty

17Girls who love anime

18Girls who are goth

19Girls who point out your flaws

20Girls who are hypocritical

21Girls who fake cry

22Girls who are metalheads

23Girls who are fake friends

24Girls who wear ripped pants

25Girls who never wear dresses

26Girls who use bad words

27Girls who smoke

28Girls who are peer pressured

29Girls who speak Spanish

30Girls who are super clingy

31Girls who always start arguments

32Girls who try way too hard to be quirky

33Girls that wear too much makeup

34Girls with tattoos and body piercings

35Girls who get easily scared