Top 10 Ways to Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

1Solve a math problem

Solve a math problem

2Get a retail job

Get a retail job

3Explore an area you haven't seen before

4Be around with new people

Be around with new people

5Face your worst fear



7Eat your least favorite food

8Learn a new instrument

Learn a new instrument

9Ask yourself tough questions

10Enlist in the army

Enlist in the army


12Learn a language

Learn a language

13Try a new recipe

Try a new recipe

14Be offline for a day

Be offline for a day

15Write a book

Write a book

16Explore new music genres

17Take an academic course

18Do some gardening

Do some gardening

19Draw a picture

20Try to break a world record

21Kick a bad habit

22Crack a smile to someone

Crack a smile to someone

23Repair old clothes

24Solve riddles

25Try to solve a Rubik's Cube

26Sing karaoke