Top 10 Middle School Cliques

1The normal clique

2The mean girl clique

The mean girl clique

3The sporty kids

The sporty kids

4The weirdo clique

5The BFFs

6The popular squad

7The shippers

8The wannabes

9The mixed squad

10The meme lords

The meme lords

11The gays

The gays

12The mature and smart group

13The rough guys

14The emo kids

The emo kids

15The theatre kids

The theatre kids

16The overly edgy kids

17The equestrians

The equestrians

18The nerds

The nerds

19The charmers

20The detention prisoners

The detention prisoners

21The Ones Who Don't Know what They'¬ôre Doing With Their Life

22The kids who should be popular

23Teacher's Pets

24The class clowns

25The weeb group

26The depressed ones

The depressed ones

27The band geeks

The band geeks

28The rich kids

The rich kids

29The cosplayers

30The K-pop fans

The K-pop fans

31The Artsy People

32The scene kids

The scene kids

33The anime lovers

The anime lovers

34The stoners

The stoners

35The drama queens