Top 10 Ways to Know a Girl Has a Crush On You

1She tries to sit next to you

2She blushes when you look at her

3She tells other girls to leave you alone

4She tries to hold your hand

5She gets as close to you as she can

6She buys you lunch

7She smiles when you look at her

8She purposely trips and lands on you

9She honestly tells you

10She compliments you frequently

11She stares at you

12She acts awkward when she talks to you

13She is always talking to you

14She follows you around

15She keeps calling your name when she sees you

16She steals your stuff

17She flirts with you

18She twirls her hair when she's with you

19She tells her friends about you

20She and her friends always point and giggle at you

21She asks you if you like her

22She asks for your advice

23She applies makeup in front of you

24She constantly texts you

25Her friends tease her around you

26Her friends giggle behind their hands when she talks to you

27She wants to be on your team when you play group games

28She asks you out for a date