Top 10 Ways Kids Have It Worse Than Adults

1Kids don't have as much freedom

Kids don

2Kids are less emotionally stable

3Kids have less privacy

4Kids aren't as trusted

5Kids have more peer pressure

6Kids get supervision when they don't need it

Kids get supervision when they don

7Kids aren't taken seriously

8Kids are told to work but get nothing in return

9Kids can't buy rated M rated games or R rated movies

Kids can

10Kids are shorter

Kids are shorter

11Kids can't be in a relationship with whoever they want

12Kids can't watch adult media

13Kids can't take time off from school to go on vacations

Kids can

14Kids can't buy the things they want

Kids can

15Kids have to watch baby shows

Kids have to watch baby shows

16Kids have to deal with more ignorant people that adults

17Kids often make stupid decisions

18Kids can't drive

Kids can

19Kids can't go on the internet without supervision

Kids can

20Kids have more acne

Kids have more acne

21Kids have homework

Kids have homework

22Kids can't stay up late

23Kids need to ask their parents for permission to do things

24Kids don't understand what adults are saying