Top 10 Things You Least Want Your Parents to Catch You Doing


2Having sex

Having sex

3Breaking their stuff

4Doing drugs

5Watching porn

Watching porn

6Eating all of the food

7Getting into their stuff

8Getting naked

9Breaking your own stuff

10Wasting electricity

11Making a mess in the house



13Seducing inappropriate partners

14Kissing someone of the same sex

15Talking to yourself

16Listening to inappropriate music

17Watching any movie that has sexual content in it


19Drawing '┬ťinappropriate'┬Ł pictures

20Watching anime

21Cross dressing


23Staying up past your bedtime

24Watching mature TV shows

25Wasting water

26Stealing their stuff

27Posting comments on websites

28Drinking alcohol

29Watching parody videos

30Playing mature video games

31Watching nonsensical videos

32Opening Christmas presents

33Skipping school

34Picking on others

35Passing out drunk