Top 10 Things that Should Automatically Disqualify Someone from Being President of the United States

1Supporting a violent insurrection against the country

Supporting a violent insurrection against the country

2Stealing from the government

3Trying to overturn a lawfully conducted election

4Idolizing murderous autocratic leaders

5Being a serial adulterer

6Being a compulsive liar

7Refusing to release their tax returns

8Having zero sense of humor

9Being a sexual abuser

10Courting racist, violent, extremist groups

11Repeatedly not paying workers and contractors

12Advocating for terminating the rules, regulations, and articles of the Constitution

13Being anti-intellectual

14Not having a dog

15Being associated with a large number of convicted criminals

16Promoting conspiracy theories

17Declaring bankruptcy multiple times

18Not being transparent

19Misusing charitable funds

20Having family members taking large amounts of money from foreign governments

21Operating a scam university

22Being too trusting in administration

23Enlisting the FBI to assist in winning elections

24Not knowing the number of U.S. states

25Suffering from dementia

26Creating a hoax about Russian collusion