Top 10 Things Parents Commonly Say and What They Actually Mean

1"We'll see" - "No"

2"Go ask your dad" - "He can say no"

3"I'll be there in 5 minutes" - "I'll consider leaving the house to pick you up after 5 minutes have passed"

4"I just need to grab a few things" - "I'll go all-out on grocery shopping, and you'll have to wait in the car for at least 45 minutes"

5"We love you so much" - "Please look after us when we are old and infirm"

6"When I was your age, I would never do that" - "When I was your age, I never got caught doing that by my parents"

7"Maybe for your birthday" - "No"

8"I can't believe you did that" - "I'm disappointed in you for doing that, but I'm also slightly impressed"

9"Next time" - "It's never going to happen"

10"Dinner's ready" - "Dinner is almost ready, but I could use some help from you"

11"Because I said so!" - "I don't have a legitimate reason, and you're correct, but I'm in charge and I don't have the patience for this, so I'm exercising my authority"

12"Maybe" - "I don't have time to deal with the argument that will ensue if I say no, but I don't want to give you too much hope"

13"Maybe when you're older" - "Hopefully, you'll forget about it in a few months"

14"Can you help me?" - "Can you do all the work while I relax?"

15"Let's see" - "No"

16"No crying" - "Your feelings don't matter"

17"We love you" - "We loved you enough to keep you"

18"Can you please help me unload the car?" - "Can you please unload the car for me while I shop online?"

19"Maybe next time" - "I'll consider it when you're no longer interested"

20"It's too far to drive there" - "We're too lazy to drive you there"

21"Because I said so" - "I don't know why"

22"We will buy it for you" - "We'll see"

23"Don't argue with me" - "I don't want to hear your perspective, so be quiet"

24"I'm very disappointed in you" - "You have let down the family"

25"You're too old for that" - "That's for young children"

26"Maybe for Christmas" - "No"

27"Maybe" - "No"

28"It's dangerous" - "You could get seriously injured or die"

29"You have gained some weight" - "You're getting fat"

30'œCheer up' - 'œGet that look off your face! We don't care'

31'œCome here, I want to talk to you' - 'œI heard something bad about you'

32"Shhh, be quiet!" - "Shut up!"