Top 10 Tips & Things You Should Know About High School

1Don't do drugs


2Keep your awkward hobbies to yourself

3Don't procrastinate


4Go to orientation (Freshman)

5Don't start rumors & drama

6Upperclassmen don't bully the freshman

7Always take notes in class

Always take notes in class

8Don't block people'™s lockers


9Don't stop in the middle of the hallway and chat with your friends

10If you hate who you were in middle school, this is a time where you can reinvent yourself.

11Don't stress out too much

12If you hate one of your teachers, chances are you will only ever have him/her for the one semester

13Don't tap your foot/fingers during class

14Do not give into peer pressure.

15Don't date seniors

16Not everyone will like you and want to be your friend

17Don't be late to class

18Don't buy elevator passes from other students


19Cut off any bad influences

20People will be fake

21Be friendly to everyone and smile.

22There is no recess

There is no recess

23Don't act like you run the place

24Don't judge people too quickly

25Don't call yourself stupid

26Don't stare

27Don't let anyone borrow your stationery


28There is no pool on the fourth floor

There is no pool on the fourth floor

29Focus on schoolwork more than anything else as these grades matter for your future life

30There's way more people

31You don't need attention

You don

32Be careful who you hang out with

33Larger than middle school

34Be yourself

Be yourself

35Don't let others bring you down. It's your opinion that truly matters.