Top 10 Things Atheists Are Tired of Hearing

1You're a satanist!

2If you don't believe in God, then how do you know what's right or wrong?

3You can't prove that God doesn't exist!

4You're going to Hell

5What's stopping you from killing people?

6Most of history's worst humans are atheists

7You're just an insensitive douchebag like everyone else!

8If you don't believe in God then why do talk about him so much?

9Why do you hate God?

10Atheism is too edgy for me.

11You must think morality is subjective

12Why are you persecuting us?!

13You need Jesus!

14Atheists who respect the personal beliefs of others are still terrible people

15You're worse than all the murderers, robbers, and child molesters out there!

16Atheism is the worst religion

17You probably read your kids His Dark Materials every night!

18Why do you mock Christianity?

19If God doesn't exist, then how could the expanse of space just come into existence?

20If there is no proof that God exist what about all the eyewitness testimony from Israelites who could not lie?

21Are you simple minded enough to believe that earth's existence, proximity from the sun, atmosphere, gravity, oxygen, water vegetation, and the life of every living creature just happened?

22How can you challenge the existence of God, when you can't give reason to your own existence?

23It's better to believe in God just in case it's real

24Have a blessed day