Top 10 Signs You Need to Grow Up

1You live paycheck to paycheck

2You whine and pout to get your way

3You think it'™s okay to drive after you'™ve been drinking

4You pass up on a career because it would interfere with your social life

5Your idea of a normal Friday night is a rager

6You'™re an attention whore

7You don't work hard at your job

8You can't have fun without alcohol

9You put your ego above people you consider as good targets

10You play video games for more than 3 hours per week

11It'™s always someone else'™s fault

12The inside of your house looks like a bachelor pad'¦ and you'™re not a bachelor

13You rant about stuff that is made for children

14You make immature noises every thirty seconds

15You enjoy teen pop songs

16You're a gamer who's over the age of 25

17You're obsessed with pop culture