Top 10 Signs You Have a Crush on Someone

1You find them attractive

2You think about them 24/7

3You get butterflies in your stomach when you think about them

4You chat with them a lot online

5Your facial expressions change around them

6You overthink what to say next

7Your body heats up around them

8You pretend you don't like them

9You tend to stick close to them

10You make eye contact with each other

11You listen to songs that describe your feelings for them

12You talk with them a lot

13You get shy around them

14Your close friends notice your odd behavior when you spend time with them

15You catch yourself staring at them

16When they ask a question about your love interest, you can't respond properly

17You help them do things such as picking up their fallen books

18You miss them when they'¬ôre not around

19You stalk their social media accounts

20You hope to see them at events

21You are worried they don't like you

22Everything reminds you of them

23You sometimes flirt with them without knowing it

24You hope to see them online every day

25You smile when you get a text from them

26You hide when you see them