Top 10 Signs You Are a Boring Individual

1People Prefer Paperclips to You

2Fall Asleep at the Mention of Your Name

3More Than Forty People State the Fact to Your Face

4No One Recognizes You on a Second Meeting

5People Yawn in Your Face, Even If You are Not Talking to Them

6You Never Play Sports

7People Sit on Your Lap Because They Don't Know You're There

8You Get Bored Easily

9You Do Nothing Creative

10You Can't Keep a Conversation Without Repeating Subjects

11You're Not Into Anything Kinky

12You are Lazy

13You Think the Dictionary is Enjoyable to Read

14You Haven't Told a Single Joke in Your Life

15You Watch Sci-Fi

16You Research Everything You Come Across

17You Like Wearing Clothes

18You Think Spiderman is a God

19You Care What Others Think of You

20You Think Learning is a Sport

21You Think Educational Games are Fun

22You Don't Create Top Ten Lists

23You Keep Putting Justin Bieber References on New Lists

24You Drink Alcohol Too Much

25You Hunt Around for the Cheapest Toilet Cleaner Brand and Get Excited When You Find One.

26You Would Rather Stay at Home During the Summer Than Go on Vacation

27You Try to Be Someone Else

28You Love to Make Fun of Others

29You Put Your Friends to Sleep When You Tell a Joke

30You Watch the Entire Star Wars Series

31You Obsess Over the 90s