Top 10 Roman Gods and Goddesses

1Neptune - God of the Sea

2Diana - Goddess of the Hunt and Moon

3Pluto - God of Death and the Underworld

4Vesta - Goddess of the Hearth

5Apollo - God of the Sun

6Minerva - Goddess of Wisdom and War

7Vulcan - The Blacksmith God

8Jupiter - God of Thunder and the King of Gods

9Mercury - The Messenger God

Mercury - The Messenger God

10Mars - God of War

11Bacchus - God of Wine

12Juno - Queen of the gods

13Ceres - Goddess of the Earth

14Venus - Goddess of Love, Beauty and Lust

15Saturn - God of Time

16Athena - Goddess of Wisdom

17Cupid - God of Love

18Flora - Goddess of Flowers and the Season of Spring

19Thanatos - God of Death

20Hecate - Goddess of Mist and Magic

21Bellona - Goddess of War and Destruction

22Lupa - She-Wolf That Helps Train All Romans

23Faunus - God of the Forest, Plains and Fields

24Hermes - God of Shepherds

25Atlas - God of the earth

26Pax - Goddess of Peace

27Nemesis - Goddess of Revenge, Justice, Electricity

28Uranus - God of the Sky

29Nyx - Goddess of Night

30Dionysus - God of Wine, Theatre and Ecstasy

31Nike - Goddess of Victory

32Veritas - Goddess of Truth

33Terminus - God Who Protected Boundary Markers

34Erebus - Personification of Darkness

35Sterquilinus - God of Feces