Top 10 Reasons Why the Modern School System Sucks

1It destroys creativity

2It's not helpful at all

3It tries to make students lose their personalities and all be the same

4It teaches irrelevant or pointless subjects that don't matter

5It makes students not want to learn

6It stresses out students more than it helps them

7The homework assigned is based on subjects so forgettable that students will probably forget about it in a week

8The tests that are required get ridiculous and stress out the teachers just as much as the students

9Students are learning more from the internet than from teachers

10It feels like the same thing happens every day

11It feels like prison

12It's all about what the government wants students to learn rather then what the students want to learn

13Tests are based on memory and not intelligence

14The curriculum that teachers teach is based off of a lesson plan assigned by the government

15It's too strict

16It gives children depression

17It assumes people will learn by listening to someone talk for 20 minutes

18It sometimes requires summer homework.

19It was made for a different time

20Students are expected to work faster than they are able to

21It uses your students' parents against them

22Teachers do not get paid enough

23It causes students to drop out

24Grades are a requirement to go to prestigious colleges

25It takes a lot and never gives anything

26Children have lots of restrictions

27It includes too many pointless assessments via Istep or NWEA

28Biased rules created by the government