Top 10 Misconceptions About Autism 

1Autism is caused by vaccination.

2People with autism can't learn.

3People with autism don't want to make friends.

4People with autism lack empathy.

5Autism is a mental illness.

6Autism affects intelligence.

7Autism causes people to be more violent.

8Autism only happens in children.

9Autism makes people more aggressive.

10Autism is caused by bad parenting.

11Shock therapy cures autism.

12Just like Rain Man, autists have savant skills.

13Autism only happens in boys.

14Autism is a disease.

15Milk causes autism.

16People with autism are not smart

17Stress causes autism

18Screen time causes autism

19ADHD is autism.

20Autism makes people who they are

21Dyspraxia is not autism.

22Autism is caused by food allergies

23People with autism are hyper-empathic

24Severe autism doesn't exist

25People with autism can't drive

26People with autism can't be employed

27People with autism never make it to college

28Dyslexia is autism.

29Autism is a learning disability.

30Everyone is a little bit autistic.

31Autistic people are narcissistic.

32Autistic people cannot live independently.

33Autistic people cannot get married.