Top 10 Reasons Why Older Adults Should Not Date 18 Year Olds

118-year-Olds are at a Completely Different Stage of Their Lives

2Most 18-year-Olds Have Not Matured Yet

3Half Your Age Plus Seven Matters

418-year-Olds are Still Not Fully Developed

5You Don't Want People to Think You're Creepy

6Having a Baby with an 18-year-Old Probably Won't Turn Out Well

7You Don't Need to Date an 18-year-Old to Feel Young Again

818-year-Olds Still Aren't Legal Enough to Do Other Certain Things

9These Types of Relationships Don't Usually Last Very Long

10It's Disgusting

11People Might Think You're a Pedophile

1218-year-Olds Lack Experience in Life

13You Don't Want People to Think You're Taking Control of the Teen

14It's Better to Date Someone Your Own Age

15Because it is weird

16Just Because Something is Legal Doesn't Mean It's Morally Right

17Some of Them Might Not Even Look 18

18Many of them are not capable of living independently.

19They're Subadults

20Young people that would fall into a relationship with someone much older often suffered abuse or trauma growing up and older people will just abuse them further rather than help them heal and have a healthy life