Top 10 Most Romantic Things to Give to Her

1A rose

A rose

2A poem

A poem

3A picture of a heart with her face drawn in it

4A ring

A ring

5A hug

A hug

6A stuffed animal

A stuffed animal

7A bouquet of flowers

A bouquet of flowers

8A love song

A love song

9A set of diamond earrings

10A sweatshirt with your scent on it

11A love letter

12A kiss

13A necklace or bracelet

14A sex toy

15A heart-shaped box of chocolates

16A bottle of champagne

17A pet

18Your hoodie

19A mixtape

20A dinner

21A movie to watch together

22A trip to the beach

23A phone with a nice case

24A video game

25A locket with your picture in it

26A pair of concert tickets

27A shirt