Top 10 Most Annoying Things Commonly Said by Teachers

1I don't care who started it

2Class, the bell does not dismiss you, I do!

3I'd expect that kind of behaviour from her, but I'm really surprised at you

4I'm just gonna wait until the class gets quiet

5Tell me the truth right now or else

6If even one of you doesn't do as I say, all of you will be punished

7Something's obviously very funny, so why don't you share it with the rest of us?

8Go back and walk

Go back and walk

9If you're so clever, why don't you come up here and take the lesson?

10This is your last warning

11Honestly, it's like talking to a brick wall sometimes

Honestly, it

12You have earned yourself a detention

You have earned yourself a detention

13No, you can't go to the bathroom!

14Your behavior is out of control

15Give me your phone

Give me your phone

16This is for your benefit, so pay attention

17Come on. We're waiting.

18Stop acting like you're in kindergarten

Stop acting like you

19Would you do that at home?


21Don't worry. You're not in trouble

22I've had it with all of you!

23You're getting paddled by principal

24You're in (insert grade here) you're not in kindergarten!!!!

25This is a classroom not Sephora or beauty school

This is a classroom not Sephora or beauty school

26Secrets, secrets are no fun unless you share with everyone


28Go to the principal's office now!

29We need to talk

30Shut your mouth!

31I'™m going to call your parents


32Walk to the other side of the building

33I'm done!

34We will do it my way

35You will not be walking or graduating this year