Top 10 Lamest Arguments Used by Christians

1How do you think you got here?

2You must  in order for prayers to be answered.

3You can't prove God doesn't exist

4God gave Man free will.

5God works in mysterious ways.

6If there is no god, then who made the universe?

7We are in the end times; read Revelation.

8The Bible says...

9If we came from monkeys, then why are there still monkeys?

10Why don't you accept (religion)? If you don't believe, and it does exist, then you'll go to hell, but if it doesn't, then nothing bad happens

11Jesus died for you.

12The Bible is a history book.

13You're going to go to hell when you die

14Humans existing is proof that God exists

15Morality is only possible through religion

16It takes more faith to be an atheist

17If you ask God for forgiveness, you will be Saved.

18God is just testing you

19Global Warming is a myth. God created everything and the world is getting colder

20God made Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve

21Atheists are satanic

22God's time is not our time.

23Those who commit suicide go to hell

24You had to come from somewhere

25Can atheists be good people? Where do they get their morals from?

26God has a plan

27It is okay not to believe but is it worth it?