Top 10 Biggest Misconceptions About Mental Illness and Disorders

1You have to get over it

2People with depression and/or those who commit suicide are weak

3Everyone gets depressed

4All psychopaths or sociopaths become killers

5Mental illness is cool

6Mental Illness is untreatable

7Autistic people are retarded

8Mentally ill people are crazy violent psychos

9Antisocial is the same as asocial

10Mental illness has correlation with intelligence

11People who are mentally ill are just attention-seeking

12There is a cure to Autism and/or other mental illnesses

13People with mental disorders are evil

14All bullies are autistic

15You only have Tourette'¬ôs if you curse

16Eating disorders are a choice

17Manic episodes are fun

18People with mental illness stab people

19People with ADHD can't listen

20The mentally ill are nasty

21Social Anxiety is just shyness

22People with OCD are germaphobes and clean freaks