Top 10 Biggest Military Disasters of All Time

1Operation Barbarossa

2Napoleonic Invasion of the Russian Empire

3Battle of the Somme

4Italian attacks on Isonzo

5The Gallipoli Campaign

6Battle of The Little Big Horn

7Battle of Cannae

8Battle of France

9Battle of Crécy

10Battle of Didgori

11The Vietnam War

12Conquest of Constantinople

13Battle of Bannockburn

14Operation Bagration

15Nuclear Bombs Dropped on Japan

16Battle of Legnica

17Battle of Agincourt

18Battle of Stalingrad

19Pickett's Charge

20Swedish invasion of Russia

21Battle of Adwa

22Battle of Sedan

23Soviet attacks to Rzhev 1941-43

24Battle of Leyte Gulf

25The Battle of Hastings

The Battle of Hastings


27Operation Market Garden

28Battle of Gettysburg

29Battle of San Jacinto