Top 10 Best Ways to Get Revenge on Younger Sisters

1Steal just one thing from her room per day.

2Put lemon juice on her toothbrush.

3Jump out of a closet.

4Call her some stupid names in front of her friends and say that it's her nickname.

5Dip their school pencils in clear nail polish so they can't write.

6Tell their secrets.

7Pretend that you're putting a curse on her and do bad stuff to her after.

8Creep into her bed and put a plastic spider in her bed when she is sleeping or not looking.

9Use her toothbrush to clean the toilet.

10Pour cold water on her while she is in the shower.

11Follow them around everywhere and stare at them nonstop.

12Find a balloon and put it in her pillow so when she lays her head back, it will pop.

13Hide under her bed and as she gets out, grab her foot.

14Ignore her... Pretend she doesn't exist.

15Lock them out of the house.

16Hide just one of their best shoes.

17Play hide and seek and while she is hiding, leave the game and go watch TV. When she comes out and asks what you were doing, say you couldn't find her.

18Play them at something they're not good at.

19Put salt in her drink.

20Ignore them and don't listen to them when they ask you for something.

21Break your parents' stuff when they're sleeping and blame it on her.

22Confuse her with really sophisticated words.

23Embarrass them in front of their crushes and boyfriends.

24Spray her with silly string.

25Pretend she is invisible.

26Shaving cream and feather while sleeping trick.

27Destroy all of her favorite fragile things by pretending to admire it then 'accidentally' drop it.

28Be happy when she's in trouble.

29Delete games on her iPod/iPhone.

30Put her hand in warm water to make her pee her pants.

31Trip her.

32Threaten to beat up.

33Pretend to be sleeping whenever she asks something.

34Put all her underwear in her school backpack.

35Lock in a room/closet.