Top 10 Best Steven Universe Songs

1It's Over, Isn't It?

2Stronger Than You by Garnet

3Do It for Her

4Strong In the Real Way by Pearl

5Like a Comet by Greg

6We are the Crystal Gems

7Here Comes a Thought

8What Can I Do for You?

9Full Disclosure by Steven

10Haven't You Noticed (I'm a Star)

11That Distant Shore

12Love Like You

13What's the Use of Feeling Blue?

14Extended Theme Song

15Both of You

16Be Wherever You Are

Be Wherever You Are

17On the Run

18Peace and Love On the Planet Earth

19Giant Woman

20Cookie Cat by Steven

21Steven and the Crystal Gems

22Change Your Mind

Change Your Mind

23Other Friends

Other Friends

24Something Entirely New

25For Just One Day Let's Only Think About Love

26Dear Old Dad

27Let'¬ôs Only Think About Love

28Steven and the Stevens




31Lapis' Theme

32Ruby Rider

33Alone Together


35Drift Away

Drift Away