Worst Types of Parents

1The abusive parent

2The toxic parent

3The religious fundamentalist parent

4The manipulative parent

5The overprotective parent

6The nosy parent

7The nagging parent

8The "I'm always right!" parent

9The cheapskate parent

10The parent that favors one kid over the other

11The stupid parent

12The parent that yells at you for a small mistake

13The parent that finds fault in everything you do

14The anti-vaxxer parent

15The active parents that drag you to the nearest park

16The "Veggie Royals" parent

17The sociopathic parent

18The parent who blames the eldest child

19The confusing parent

20The emotionless parent

21The "back in my day" parent

22The parent that restricts your freedom

23The entitled parent

24The overly high expectations parent

25The alcoholic parent

26The nudist parent

27The parent that constantly judges you over your appearance

28The parent who claims their generation is the greatest

29The "sex maniac" parent

30The condescending parent

31The ones that scream like a psycho whenever they get furious with you

32The adventurous parent

33The "you're to young for a phone" parent

34The embarrassing parent

35The parent who doesn't know when to let go