Worst School Pet Peeves

1Locker Won't Open

2Missing the Bus

3Passing Papers Back the Row; Forget to Take One

4Drawing #1 for a Presentation

5Getting the Period Numbers Wrong

6Student Behind You Kicks Your Chair/Desk

7Forgetting Lunch Money

8People Walking Extremely Slow in Front of You When There is No Way Around Them

9Surprise Quizzes

10Tripping in the Hallway or on the Stairs

11Feeling Gum Under the Desk

12When Teachers Treat You Like You Don't Know Anything

13Getting Too Much Homework

14Kids Who Tell Every Classmate They Possibly Know If You Do Something They Think is Bad

15Kids Who Sniff During Tests and Don't Bother to Blow Their Nose

16When People Don't Give Your Pencil Back

17Dabbing Students

18Getting in Trouble for Something You Were the Victim

19Detention for Something You Didn't Do

20When Kids Annoy You and Get Away with It

21When the Teacher Hovers Over You

22Kids Who Rush Through Their Work

23Reacting Too Much Over Farts

24When Your Pencil Cracks Off Whenever You Sharpen It and You are Left with a Stub

25Can't Go to the Bathroom in Peace

26Teachers that Don't Know Anything

27Nosy People

28That One Kid Who Always Ruins Everything

29People Kicking Off Your Shoes

30People Forcing You to Go Faster in Line

31Teacher's Favorites

32Bad Lunches

33Kids Who Say Swag and YOLO Repeatedly

34Teachers that Don't Understand People are Different

35When Your Teacher Won't Let You Go to the Bathroom