Weirdest Reasons People Have Filed for Divorce

1He was just 'œtoo nice.'

2He didn't share her love of a Disney film.

3She couldn't handle the size of her husband'™s penis.

4He was cleaning too much.

5He saw her without make-up.

6He voted Trump for president.

7He found out her secret love letters from the 1940s.

8She won the lottery and wanted to keep the money all to herself.

9He refused to shower

10She was 'œpossessed by the devil.'

11He didn't have Raymond on his Animal Crossing island

12They argued during a game of Monopoly

13He called her stupid

He called her stupid

14He was disowned by his parents

He was disowned by his parents

15He talked too much

He talked too much

16He was clingy

He was clingy

17He loved the kids too much

He loved the kids too much

18He was an animal lover

19Wife having a celebrity crush

20He was gaming too much

He was gaming too much

21He refused to fix the dishwasher

22He was an international spy