Top Ten Worst Things About Older Siblings

1They always think they're superior

2They think they know everything about you

3Sharing a bedroom

4Playing music you don't like loudly

5Living with them

6They don't let you borrow something they never use

7Altercations between siblings

8Hogging up your stuff

9They tattle-tale on you

10They can be really mean

11They think they rule over you

12Expecting you to be just like them

13They're bossy

14They think they're better then you because they're older

15They think they can take control of you because they're older

16They treat you like a loser

17They make fun of you for things they compliment others for

18They think they are smarter than you

19They are hypocrites

20They can't take a joke

21They act like another parent

22They can be metalheads

23They always get shotgun

24Beating up on younger siblings

25They move away for college

26They think you are trying to be like them

27They stain the clothes and then you get them later.

28They scold you for being "selfish" when you ask to borrow something for a second

29They torture you because they love to see you in pain

30They think they're the the boss of you and they rub it in your face

31They brag too much

32They break your stuff

33They hate on things you like, meanwhile they like similar things.

34They think they're 100% more awesome than you.

35They think their opinions are facts