Top Ten Reasons Why Cats are Better Than Dogs

1Cats aren't needy

2Cats have better toilet skills

3Cats don't bark

4Cats don't attack your guests

5Cats are cuter than dogs

6Cats don't wake you up at 6 in the morning

7Cats purr

8Cats think hygiene is very important

9Cats are better at killing

10Cats are less violent

11Cats will bring you gifts

12Cats are entertaining

13Cats don't need to be walked

14Cats are discriminating

15Cat's rule the internet

16Cats are trustworthy

17Cats have pleasant noises, unlike dogs.

18Cats don't turn on their co-habitators

19Cats do not chase people who are walking, running, or riding a bicycle

20Cats are more dignified than dogs

21Cats care

22Cats are funnier

23Cats are cheaper

24Cats save lives

25Cats don't try to kill you when you walk in the doorway

26Cats aren't messy

27Cats have 9 lives

28Cats have better books

29Cats are smarter

30Cats listen when you talk

31Cats love you

32Cats don't howl at 2 am

33Cats bring inner peace, joy, and hope

34Cats are less likely to run off

35Cats take care of vermin