Top Ten Most Painful But Non-Serious Injuries

1Stub Toe

Stub Toe

2Paper Cut

Paper Cut

3Bite Tongue

Bite Tongue

4Step on a Lego

Step on a Lego

5Catch Finger In Door

Catch Finger In Door

6Hit In the Balls

7Hit Funny Bone

8Something Cold On Your Teeth

9Soap in Eyes

Soap in Eyes

10Stung by a Bee

Stung by a Bee

11Needle Under Fingernails

12Hit Head On Low Ceiling

13Water in Your Nose

Water in Your Nose

14Sprain Ankle

15Get a Splinter

Get a Splinter

16Bite Lip

17Scooter Into the Ankle

18A Poke In the Eye

19Hit Knee On Door Edge


21Scratch Your Throat After Swallowing a Crisp

22Swallow Ice Cube

23Cat Scratch

24Stung by a Nettle

25Canker Sore

26Stand On a Hard Object While Not Wearing Shoes

27Pop Your Wrist

28Ingrown Toenail

29Needle in Genitals

30Eating Hot Pepper

31Bullet Ant Sting

Bullet Ant Sting

32Fractured Finger

33Burn Tongue On Hot Drink

34Punched In the Face

35Cut Between Your Fingers