Top Ten Feelings You Get at School

1Waking up and hoping with all your soul that Sunday repeated itself.

2That nervous pit in the stomach when teachers are handing back tests.

3The feeling of impending chaos as homework assignments pile up on top of each other.

4Dragging your dead weight after getting 2 hours of sleep.

5Knowing you'll be scrambling over your own stress by Sunday night... And procrastinating anyways.

6Being exhausted, no matter how much sleep you get.

7Your stomach falling out of your butt as you receive a less-than-ideal grade.

8The incredible feeling of doing great on a test you were sure you bombed.

9The un-repressible smile that results from a good grade.

10Infuriation at a teacher or unjust grade.

11That scary feeling when the teacher calls you on a question that you don't know

12The feeling when you are playing a game on the computer when the teacher isn't looking

13The feeling like you have no purpose to exist.

14The feeling when you're annoyed at everyone and everything

15The jealousy that comes when your friend asks out your crush

16The feeling that you asked out your crush and she said yes.

17The feeling when they announce an early dismissal

18The feeling that you are not learning anything you will use in real life

19The feeling when you get detention for saying a swear word

20The feeling of boredom

21The feeling when you see someone cute

22The feeling you get when your crush sits right next to you

23The feeling of being a smart Alec when you disrespect a teacher

24The horrible feeling when you embarrass yourself in front of your crush

25The feeling of friends trying to annoy you all day.

26When you stare at your crush and get a boner

27Jealousy that inflicts emotional issues.