Top 10 Worst Things About Breaking Up

1Ignoring each other afterward

2Depression, because it's not your fault

3Seeing them with someone else afterward

4Remaining a virgin

5Feeling guilt

6Knowing they might hate you now

7The breakup coming unexpectedly

8Hearing, "It's not you, it's me"

9Asking, "Can we talk?"

10Wondering what you did

11Losing the chance to taste their kiss, hold their body

12Experiencing depression

Experiencing depression

13Realizing your desire, love, fantasy will never see, talk, meet, or have sex with you again

14When your parents force the breakup

15Having suicidal thoughts

16Experiencing loneliness

17Feeling hatred toward that person

18Hearing, "I need some space"

19Lack of sex

20When the breakup starts with "It's not working"


22Having nightmares about things you both did together

23Feeling anger

24Knowing all future plans will never happen

25When they start dating someone right after the breakup

26Hearing, "I'm in love with your best friend"

27Spreading of sex videos

28Encountering each other when the situation will be awkward

29Realizing you need to find another partner

30Deleting old photos

31Getting dumped via text

32Wanting revenge afterward

33Considering the children

34Getting cursed out