Top 10 Things to Do to Win Someone's Heart

1Compliment Them

2Caress Their Face

3Give Gifts

4Text Them and Call Them

5Tell Them Your Inner Thoughts

6Dedicate Romantic Songs

7Give Poems

8Be Gentle

9Be Yourself

10Make Them Feel Special

11Look Into Their Eyes

12Be Romantic

13Be Friendly

14Respect Them

15Be a True Friend

16Joke Around with Them

17Don't Try to Act Cool

18Hold Up a Smile Always

19Be Nice

20Be Cute

21Be Normal

22Be Available When Needed

23Focus on Yourself Too

24Be Respectable

25Be Sincere

26Love Them

27Feel Proud with that Person

28Be Positive


30Make Time for Them

31Stand with Them

32Cry with Them

33Don't Be a Try Hard

34Tell Them How Much You Care

35Let Things Go